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About Tatjana

Tatjana is an oboe player based in Amsterdam.

She tries to give all oboes equal attention but has discovered that she nowadays enjoys very much venturing into the world of both classical and "romantic" music.


Tatjana studied modern oboe with Stefan Schilli at the Mozarteum Salzburg and historical oboes with Carin Van Heerden, Alfredo Bernardini and Josep Domenech at the Brucker Universität Linz and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Cooperations of the last years include working with Balthasar-Neumann-Orchester, The English Concert, Il Pomo D'Oro, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Anima Eterna Brugge, Concerto Köln, Holland Baroque and many more.


C. Paessler Largo Nr. 11Tatjana Zimre
00:00 / 03:23
J.S.Bach - Sinfonia BWV 21PRJCT Amsterdam
00:00 / 02:44
J.S.Bach - Ich habe genug PRCT Amsterdam
00:00 / 06:43
W.A.Mozart Quartett für Oboe und Streicher, 1. Satz (Auszug)Tatjana Zimre
00:00 / 02:08
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Forgotten Arias

In Bach’s vocal oeuvre, the soprano and the alto occupy are privileged place. Yet we know that in his spiritual and secular cantatas quite a few arias are hidden that hardly anyone has ever heard: arias that can be listened to very rarely in concert halls and that are seldomly recorded on CD. The beautiful aria ‘Wo zwei und drei versammlet sind’ from cantata BWV42 is an example. Maarten Engeltjes wants to change this so you will hear lesser known but certainly not less beautiful arias by Bach on this CD.


Nicht mehr hier

With Maarten Engeltjes, Andreas Wolf and PRJCT Amsterdam - coming soon!


Resound Beethoven Vol 8

The Orchester Wiener Akademie recorded these two works in the Landhaus Saal of the Niederösterreich Palais, Beethoven’s favourite concert venue. Between 1819 and 1827, all his nine symphonies were performed there at the ‘Concerts spirituels’ founded by Franz Gebauer, and it was in this same palace that the Austrian Revolution of 1848 began.

Beethoven resound.jpg

Platti - Ein Italiener in Würzburg

A CD with chamber music works by G. B. Platti for oboe, bassoon, violoncello and basso continuo - get it here:

Platti CD cover.jpg
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